Thursday, September 11, 2008

Living a Spirituality of Action [Book Recommended]

A Woman's Perspective
by Joan Mueller
“Putting our talents at the service of others is not pride it is virtue.” “Own your gifts and use them to make the world a better place,” Catholic theologian Joan Mueller writes. In this practical book she provides us with ideas and encouragement to live and act with courage to change the world, even if our actions are sometimes small.

This is a book for all who hear about hungry people living in the park and decide to make sandwiches, who volunteer to teach children to read, who raise money to change systems that provide substandard care to the vulnerable, who can imagine a mothered world. Mueller invites us to discuss and embrace our shared wisdom.

“Holiness is always personal, and we are all called in a special way. Joan Mueller offers practical advice for connecting with God through kindness, compassion and service to his beloved poor, to prisoners, strangers and all in need. I recommend this book to women anywhere who feel called to get closer to God and to do all they can to make our world a better place.”—Maryanne Raphael, author, What Mother Teresa Taught Me

“…offers concrete and practical examples for dealing with realistic expectations, working with existing agencies and finding one’s niche to respond to the challenges of the 21st century…a must-read for women, and a handy guide for social-justice discussion groups and parish book clubs.”—Bridget Haase, O.S.U., author, Well Said: Children’s Words of Wisdom

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